All Reviewers, Allocators and Cardholders must pass the exam that corresponds to the role that they will be filling in your department’s FlexCard program.

  1. Log onto the FlexCard Management Module, using your UCSBnetID and password.

  2. On the Main Menu, click EXAM.

  3. On the Participant Exam Menu, click TAKE EXAM.

  4. On the FlexCard Exams screen, click either CARDHOLDER EXAM or REVIEWER/ALLOCATOR EXAM, depending upon your role.

  5. Read the instructions on the Exam Introduction page – remember that you MUST NOT use your browser’s BACK or FORWARD buttons, as doing so will cause you to exit the exam and record an incomplete exam – and then click START EXAM.

  6. Proceed through the 20 exam questions. Each time a response is selected, you are automatically advanced to next question. If you skip a question by using the NEXT QUESTION button, do not forget to return and record a response: you cannot submit an exam for scoring unless all 20 questions are answered.

  7. When you answer the last question, the SUBMIT EXAM FOR SCORING button becomes active: click it.

  8. If you answered at least 18 of 20 questions correctly, you receive a passing score.

  9. You can now initiate your application by clicking, as appropriate APPLY TO BE A CARDHOLDER, APPLY TO BE AN ALLOCATOR or APPLY TO BE A REVIEWER.

  10. You must retake the exam each year.  The Management Module will send you a series of reminder emails during the two months prior to expiration of your exam qualification.