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The FlexCard Use Tax Correction Financial Journal is used to make adjustments to use tax assessments for charges processed through the Allocation Module. Usually, it is used to remove use tax that was missed during the allocation and review process. It may also be used to assess use tax, in situations where it was either not charged by the Allocation Module or was removed incorrectly by the department.

Instructions for completing and submitting the form are provided below, in the form of a PDF document.  The FlexCard Use Tax Correction Financial Journal is provided as an Excel document.

icon FlexCard Use Tax Correction Journal Instructions
icon FlexCard Use Tax Reversal Financial Journal (Excel)

icon FlexCard User Agreement
icon Form A: Source Selection & Price Reasonableness Justification (7-2021)
icon Form B: Revenue Contract Request Form (updated 12-2020)
icon Form D: Purchase Order Transaction Checklist (for central Procurement only 1/2024)
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