Once a department has filled its Department Administrator, Reviewer / Allocator roles, potential Cardholder(s) may submit applications.

A. The Cardholder

  1. Attend a FlexCard Cardholder training class.
  2. Log onto the FlexCard Management Module using your UCSBnetID and password.
  3. Complete the Cardholder Exam.
  4. At the end of the exam, click APPLY TO BE A CARDHOLDER.
  5. On the Cardholder Role Application screen, click INITIATE APPLICATION.
  6. On the Cardholder Role Application Details screen, enter the card description and, if necessary, edit your name and department address. Click SUBMIT APPLICATION.
  7. The application is forwarded to your Department Administrator.

B. The Department Administrator

  1. After receiving email notification that a Cardholder application has been submitted, log onto the FlexCard Management Module , using your UCSBnetID and password.

  2. On the Department Administrator screen, click MANAGE CARDHOLDERS.
  3. On the FlexCard Department Administrator – Cardholder Administration screen, click APPROVE CARDHOLDER ROLE APPLICATIONS (middle of the screen).
  4. On the Manage FlexCard Cardholders screen, click the SELECT APPLICATION button next to the appropriate Cardholder Application (if more than one).
  5. You are taken to the Cardholder Role Application screen, where a series of actions must be performed in various sections.
    1. Cardholder Information – edit, if necessary.
    2. Billing Address – edit, if necessary. NOTE that the Department Mail Code, Cardholder Phone Number and Cardholder Email Address fields must be complete or the application will not submit.
    3. Default Account Number Linked to FlexCard – enter the default LAFSO for the FlexCard and click the VALIDATE LAFSO button. Only accounts controlled by your department can be entered.
    4. Recommended Reviewers – select at least one Reviewer from the list of your department’s Reviewers.
    5. Credit Limits – enter the per transaction (default is $10,000) and per cycle (default is $20,000) limits for the FlexCard.
  6. When all of data has been entered, click SUBMIT APPLICATION at the bottom of the form.
  7. A message appears at the bottom of the form stating that “Application Number XXXXX Submitted to FlexCard Program Administrator.” (If it does not, information is missing - check for the warning messages in red text, complete the fields, then click SUBMIT again.

C. The FlexCard Program Administrator / Cardholder

  1. The Program Administrator approves the Application and submits a new card request to U.S. Bank.
  2. The FlexCard arrives from U.S. Bank, typically within 3 business days.
  3. The Program Administrator emails the Cardholder, attaching a copy of the FlexCard User Agreement.
  4. The Cardholder provides a home mailing address to the Program Administrator to send the FlexCard.
  5.  The Cardholder activates the FlexCard by calling U.S. Bank at 1-800-344-5696. After activation, the Cardholder is prompted to set up the card's PIN number.