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UCSB Henley Gate

Restricted Commodities in Purchasing

By Staff Writer - April 23, 2024

On 4/23/24, Procurement was joined by Mason King and Jesse Bickley from EH&S to discuss why certain transactions are considered restricted, how to route them in Gateway, and who to ask for help. Examples included surveillance systems, moving/relocation, window/carpet cleaning, blinds/drape installation, catering, autoclaves, tractors/lifts/cranes, and toxins.

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UCSB Henley Gate

Data Security & GRLN

By Staff Writer - March 13, 2024

On Thursday 3/21/24, Procurement was joined by experts from ITS and the DEI office to share information on why certain software, licenses, and IT related services need to be covered by a contract with the UC Data Security Appendix, review the new IT Data Worksheet in Smartsheet, and discuss how the Gender Recognition and Lived Name policy fits into purchase transactions.

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