Your Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) clearly defines a student’s right to privacy and confidentiality, strictly limiting the disclosure of information from student records. While various levels of restriction exist, some allowing the release of "directory" information (name, current address, telephone number, e-mail address, major, dates of attendance, degrees and honors received, the most recent previous educational institution attended and enrolled units), UCSB's ability to release financial/billing information to any person other than the student in question is severely limited by FERPA. In our experience, the persons most likely to want financial/billing information about a student are a student’s parents or guardians. If you wish to permit such a release, please download, complete and sign the form Waiver of Privacy Rights for Billing Information. Then submit it to the Billing Office, 1212 SAASB, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2003.

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Financial Aid Disbursements

Aid disbursements are credited to BARC on a weekly basis. No grants, loans, or scholarships will credit to a student BARC account unless the student is enrolled in sufficient units (6 units for undergraduate students and 4 units for grad students). Students can monitor the Financial Aid Office’s progress in disbursing their aid by accessing the Financial Aid Office’s web site at

Alternative Loans

Students will be sent a notification to their UMAIL account at the time that the University receives Alternative Loan Program checks. Loan checks made payable to UC Regents or University of California will be deposited to student BARC accounts. Loan checks made payable in the name of the student must be picked up from the BARC office.

Scholarship Checks

If our office receives a Scholarship check with express instructions for delivery to the Student, you will be sent a notification to your UMAIL account. Scholarship checks made payable in the name of the student must be picked up from the BARC office during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM).

Graduate Student Aid

Fellowship and fee remission credits received on time from departments will post to BARC accounts by the fee payment deadline. If you have questions, please consult your home or employing department. Any outstanding balances not covered by fellowships or fee remission must be paid by the fee payment deadline.

Graduate students receiving Fellowship/Stipends outside their BARC account will be sent notification to their UMAIL account with instructions regarding picking up their check or direct deposit settlement information. Information regarding current and prior Fellowship disbursements can be found by selecting “Fellowships” tab at

Payment Plans

Students can defer certain current fees and charges by entering into a Payment Plan with the BARC office. The BARC office currently offers two types of Payment Plans. View more information about Payment Plans.