excel icon  BARC Interface File
pdf icon  BARC Interface Submission Guide
pdf icon  BARC Web Browser Setup Guide
pdf icon  Block on My BARC Account
pdf icon  Declaration of Lost Check Form (Stop Payment Request)
pdf icon  Financial Aid Payment Plan Form
pdf icon  Firefox - How to clear your cache
pdf icon  Fraud Notification for International Students
pdf icon  General Payment Plan Form - 2021 Cohort
pdf icon  General Payment Plan Form - 2022 Cohort
pdf icon  General Payment Plan Form - 2023 Cohort
pdf icon  How to add a Parent User or other Payer to your BARC Account
pdf icon  How to Remove Payment Methods From Your Account
pdf icon  How to Reset a Parent User or other Payer's Password
pdf icon  How to Update eRefund Direct Deposit Bank Account
pdf icon  Internet Explorer - How to clear your cache

Students that are awaiting residency classification may be eligible to file this form along with a General Payment Plan in order to request deferral of the Non-Resident tuition charged on their BARC account.

pdf icon  Non-Resident Fee Deferral Form

pdf icon  Refund Schedule

This form should be used by students that have prior term unpaid charges and would like the BARC office to apply Title IV financial aid from the 2021-22 school year to these prior charges.

pdf icon  Title IV Consent Form

pdf icon  Using BARC with IE or Firefox
pdf icon  Waiver of privacy rights for billing information form

Student Loan & Debt Services (Collections) Forms

pdf icon  AmeriCorps Service
pdf icon  Cancellation
pdf icon  Consolidation
pdf icon  Default
pdf icon  Defer My Payments
pdf icon  ECSI Conversion FAQs
pdf icon  Forbearance
pdf icon  Perkins Loan FAQ
pdf icon  Perkins Loan General
pdf icon  Repayment Plans Information
pdf icon  School Deferment