Students can defer the amount related to the current quarter fees and charges (all charges from prior quarters are due immediately) by entering into a Payment Plan with the BARC office. The BARC office currently offers two types of Payment Plans.

General Payment Plan - Spring 2024

If you are not receiving Financial Aid, or if after your Financial Aid is on your account you still have a balance owed, you can enter into a payment plan to pay what you owe in three consecutive monthly installments. Important things to understand about payment plans are:

  • You need to enter into a new Payment Plan each quarter
  • You must execute that payment plan on or before the Fee Payment deadline of any quarter
  • You must complete all of the 3 steps described below to execute a payment plan

Step One

Download and complete the form, which will do the calculations for you. Please choose the cohort that applies to you:

Please note: Undergraduate students can locate information about their cohort by logging into GOLD (click on the Registration tab and select the 'Student Fees' option). For more general information, please visit the UC Tuition Stability Plan website.

Step Two

Return the completed form:

  1. Complete and sign the form. You may either print and sign it, or use DocuSign with your electronic signature.
  2. Return the signed form to the BARC Office. You can either scan your signed form or download your DocuSigned copy and attach it in an email with the subject line "Payment Plan" to, or FAX it to the BARC Office at (805) 893-8063.

Step Three

Payment must be received by UCSB to actually activate your payment plan.

Do not forget to include your name and perm on the check.