UCSB accepts all international payments via Flywire.

It’s a secure, streamlined payment process that makes it easy to pay from accounts in your home country. With Flywire, you can pay online from countries around the world, typically in your home currency.

A Few of the Benefits of Using Flywire

  • Pay from accounts in your home country, outside of US. For most countries and territories, you pay in your home currency and Flywire will send funds in $USD directly to UCSB
  • Offers payment methods that range from bank transfer, credit cards, e-payments like Alipay支付宝 and more for most countries and territories. Avoid unnecessary bank fees and receive favorable foreign exchange rates
  • Track the progress of your payment anytime until it reaches UCSB
  • Contact Flywire multilingual customer support via phone, chat, WeChat, and email for assistance with your payment, round the clock

Steps to Making a Payment:

  1. Log in to MyBARC with your UCSBNetID and Password.
  2. Verify the amount due on your UCSB Billing Office - Gaucho E-Bill page.
  3. Select Make an e-check, credit card or international payment.
  4. Select View Details, enter the amount you wish to pay, then select Checkout to make your payment.
  5. Select the International Payment via Flywire option from the payment methods and Continue Checkout. You will be redirected to the Flywire payment page.
  6. Payment amount will be prefilled from Gaucho E-Bill; select your country, then click Next.
  7. Select your preferred payment option from options provided. Depending on your country, you will see various payment methods including bank transfer, credit card, Alipay支付宝, and more.
  8. Complete the payer information and click Next.
  9. Your student information will be prefilled in the Student Information section; please complete any missing information. Click Next, confirm information shown, and click Next again to see the payment instructions.
  10. Follow the payment instructions displayed to send the money to Flywire. Once your payment is received, Flywire will process your payment and send it to UCSB along with your information.
  11. You will receive a confirmation email. You can track your payment with the link provided, or create a Flywire user account to view your payment record anytime by logging in.

For payment questions or assistance, contact Flywire multilingual customer support.

Flywire Customer Support Information

Phone: +1 800 346 9252
Email: support@flywire.com
Web: flywire.com/help