UC Santa Barbara does not accept overpayments on student accounts. Please transfer only the amount due on your student account. Excessive overpayments made to UCSB may be returned to the person making the payment.

View Your Bill & Make Payments

If you would like to view your bill or make a payment please click here:


If you are a student, you will be asked for your UCSBNetID and password.

For problems with your UCSBNetID, please click on the following link:


Parent Users do not have an UCSBNetID. Students are encouraged to establish Parent Users in Gaucho eBill.

Attention students making payments from within China:

The UCSB payment page uses Google's reCAPTCHA system as a fraud prevention measure. We have learned that China currently blocks Google services, including reCAPTCHA, which prevents proper function of the payment page when attempting to pay by credit card or echeck. This is completely out of UCSB's control.

If you are trying to make a credit card or echeck payment from within China, the alternative for electronic payments is to choose "International payment" as the payment method, and initiate payment through the Flywire service. View information about making payments through Flywire. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Important News


BARC Important News

Financial Wellness: How to Pay for UCSB

Within this module you will find instructions and helpful videos about paying for UCSB. You will learn how Financial Aid payments work and how to understand your BARC (Billing Accounts Receivable Collections) account. We will provide important tips and advice on how to manage your student account, avoid potential pitfalls, and also introduce you to other financial resources around campus.

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Making International Payments

UCSB accepts all international payments via Flywire.

It's a secure, streamlined payment process that makes it easy to pay from accounts in your home country. With Flywire, you can pay online from countries around the world, typically in your home currency.

Log in to MyBARC with your UCSBNetID and Password, view Gaucho E-Bill and from Payment Options, select International Payment via Flywire.

Read more about making payments via Flywire

Viewing your eCheck payment on MyBARC

The MyBARC database is updated once a day. Payments made before 4:00 PM (PST) on workdays are visible on MyBARC on the following business day. Payments made after 4:00PM (PST) on workdays or on weekends or holidays are posted the following business day and will be visible on MyBARC the day after that. If you have a question about the posting of your eCheck payment, please email us at barc.info@bfs.ucsb.edu

Financial Aid Refunds Explained

UCSB is committed to getting financial aid refunds to students in the safest and most expedient means possible. To that end, we strongly encourage all students receiving financial aid to enroll in eRefund. eRefund is a system that provides UCSB to issue a direct deposit of refunds into a student's personal checking or saving account. Students not enrolled in eRefund receive their refunds via a paper check that is mailed to their local mailing address. On average, students enrolled in eRefund receive their refunds 5 to 7 days earlier than those students receiving a paper check.

View more information about eRefunds

Graduate Students

Fee Remission and Fellowships

The following is a list of information related to Fee Remissions and Fellowships.

If you qualify for Fee Remission as a Teaching Assistant, Associate, Graduate Student Researcher, Reader or Remedial Tutor but such credits have not yet been posted to your BARC account, first, be sure that you have registered in at least 8 units for the quarter. Contact your employing department/unit.

If you are expecting department fellowship funding not yet paid out, then check with the staff at the department/unit handling the award to determine when it may be forthcoming.

If you hold a centrally-administered fellowship from the Graduate Division not yet paid out, please contact Fellowships Coordinator, Kelly Crowell at Kelly.Crowell@graddiv.ucsb.edu; however, please be sure that you are registered in at least 8 units. (The Graduate Division begins fellowship payout approximately one week before the start of each quarter.)

If you qualify for Nonresident Tuition Reduction but are not seeing the reduction in your Winter fee assessment, this service is not a function of Graduate Division. It is a reduced assessment of tuition that is administered by the Office of the Registrar based on information that is provided by the Academic Services section of Graduate Division. If your advancement has occurred very recently, you may check with Graduate Academic Services to determine whether the advancement processing is complete – write to e-mail address, academics@graddiv.ucsb.edu. The Nonresident Tuition Reduction is for graduate doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy, subject to the understanding that (1) a graduate doctoral student may receive the reduced nonresident tuition rate for a maximum of three years, and (2) any such student who continues to be enrolled or who re-enrolls after receiving the reduced fee for three years will be charged the full nonresident tuition rate that is in effect at that time.

L&S Instructional Tech - Instructional Technology Fee Assessment

Information is available on the Collaborate website.

Questions and comments can be directed to help@collaborate.ucsb.edu