Unauthorized Purchases:

As outlined in Bus 43, Section III, Part 1. H, if a purchase is identified as non-conforming to procedures, known as a confirming order, the end user will be required to submit to the Purchasing Department a written explanation of the circumstances leading to the purchase and an explanation for the lack of prior approval. This statement must be signed by his/her supervisor or department MSO, and include a statement of action to be taken to prevent future unauthorized purchases. It is possible, under the policy, that the person who authorized the purchase outside of our approved purchasing systems and methods could be held financially responsible for the purchase.

Personal Purchases:

The following statement applies to purchases such as refrigerators, microwaves, couches, coffee makers, plants, etc.* for individual faculty or staff use on University property and/or purchased with University funds.
Policy: BUS 43, Section III, Part 1 J:
"University credit, purchasing power, facilities, and services shall not be used to purchase goods or services for individuals or for non-University activities except where a University program has been approved by a University administrator with delegated authority with advice as appropriate from the Office of General Counsel."

Any purchase using University funds must directly benefit the overall need of your department or the University, not the individual(s) requesting the purchase. US Law states that government funds shall not be expended for items intended solely for personal convenience or to satisfy the personal desire of an employee or employees. As a co-equal branch of the California government, UCSB is considered a government entity. All funds coming into the UC are considered taxpayer funds, regardless of the source. Such funds belong to the University, not an individual.

*Items like those above fall into the category of "luxury items", unless they specifically contribute to the fulfillment of the mission of the teaching, research, or public service being conducted for University purposes. If your department can justify that the acquisition ensures the University receives the primary benefit of the expenditure, and meets the University’s mission, your purchase should be supported with sufficient documentation. These purchases do not need to come through, or be approved by Campus Purchasing.