Only individuals issued a formal delegation of authority to sign contracts can sign written contracts for goods and services. This includes travel and entertainment contracts (food, catering, hotels, and other event-related services).

Contracts issued on behalf of the Regents are only valid if signed by a delegated official of the state. If you sign a contract for the University, you are taking on personal risk. The contract may be considered unenforceable if anything were to happen; and if the contract is found to be valid, the signatory may be held personally liable for the contract. Please view this brief video addressing the pitfalls of signing contracts at the UC.

Below are the individuals at UCSB with official Delegation of Authority for contracts:

Service Agreements
DA 2100
Purchase orders
DA 2231
Real Property
DA 2233
Easements & Right of Way
Vacant Contract Analyst Contracts $95,000 x x     x  
Paulina Heather Contract Analyst Contracts $95,000 x x     x  
Leila Thomas Contract Analyst Contracts $250,000 x x x x x  
Patrick Anglin Buyer Purchasing $95,000   x        
TJ Bloominger Buyer Purchasing $95,000   x        
Henry Biliniewicz Buyer Purchasing $95,000   x        
Calli Price Manager Purchasing and Contracts $1,000,000 x x x x x  
Jacob Godfrey Chief Procurement Officer Purchasing and Contracts Unlimited x x x x x  
Meghan Bush Deputy Director Arts & Lectures $95,000           x
Annette Muse Director Early Childhood Care & Education Services $95,000           x
Michael Miller Assistant Vice Chancellor Financial Aid & Scholarships $95,000           x
Melissa Jarnagin CFO and Director Business & Financial Planning HDAE $500,000           x
Whitney Morris Director, Conference & Hospitality Services HDAE $500,000           x
Marisela Marquez Executive Director Associated Students $95,000           x

For more on the risk associated with contracts at the University, refer to the UCSB Risk Management website related to Contracts and delegation:

Any questions about the above matrix, or questions about contracts can be sent to, or call x4670.