Lab and Office moves can be paid through a UCSB Purchase Order. The property in a lab or office move belong to the University; therefore UCSB is liable for the items. The following vendors were awarded a master campus RFP (bid) for UC-owned property in 2021:

Movegreen - 866-684-7336, (contract #21077)
Boyd Move Services - (805) 804-7758, (contract #20174)
REM Sleep Solutions - 310-351-4440, (contract #20179)
King Van Lines - 310-261-2987, (contract #20176)
Crown Worldwide - 510-773-2452, (contract #20175)
Suddath - 619-993-7595, (contract #20180)
NCS- 510-923-1968, (contract #20178)

When contacting the vendors, please make sure you reference their contract # (above), and the special pricing UCSB has through our bid #HB12112020P. The award and contracts are valid through 2/2026, with the potential for extension through 2029.

Removals for personal items may be paid either by Reimbursement to the new faculty/staff member, or via a Travel Advance through in Accounts Payable. The Accounting Manual Disbursements D371-16 does not grant Procurement the delegation for personal removals. Public funds and University resources cannot be used for personal purchases per UC Policy BUS-43; payment to a hiree for a personal move is also tax reportable as a fringe benefit. Because the items are not University property, the University is not liable for damage to or loss of personal items. Therefore, if the Hiring Department wishes to pay for a Faculty's personal move, the appropriate payment mechanism is via reimbursement or travel advance in accordance with policies outlined in the UC Moving Policy G-13. Please remember to check the Hiree Allocation Letter for approved limits; Accounts Payable is not authorized to pay higher than the approved limit.