If your purchase uses the UCSB or University of California (UC) name and/or logo, or any derivation thereof, we must ensure compliance with the UC Code of Conduct. All acquisitions using the UC name and/or logo are considered Restricted. A license with our UC contracted vendor, CLC, must be current for vendors to sell us apparel and non-disposable goods (mugs, scarves, furniture, sportsgear, etc.).

Download a fact sheet about using licensed vendors and logos.

For a list of current vendors, visit https://clc.com/license-search and follow the below instructions:

  1. If you want to search for a specific commodity, use the dropdown in Step 1. If you just want to search for a vendor, leave Step 1 blank.
  2. In step 2, start to type in “Santa Barbara”, and click on our school name. Click the red Search button.
  3. This brings up a large list on the same page. All the vendors that appear have current registrations. Anything listed as "Internal Only" cannot be used for resale purposes.

If a vendor you want to use is NOT on this list, please know there may be a 3-4 week turnaround for your vendor to register with CLC. or any questions about this process, please contact Carol Dreste in the UCSB Bookstore.

Paper items such as stationery, invitations, name tags, and banners do not require registration. Our standard purchase orders in Gateway include a clause to cover these purchases.