Broadline Furniture Contract

Our UC contracted supplier for broadline office furniture is Steelcase. UC Office of the President requires that we procure at least 80% of our office furniture spend with Steelcase. The campus Steelcase dealer is Tangram, who has a dedicated support team available at: Tangram does offer alternative products to Steelcase, and any custom or specialty products may be subject to deposit requirements.
View an overview of the Tangram team, quotes, and fees, and view recommended protocol and timelines when requesting services. Please report any issues using the Feedback Form below.


Ergonomic Furniture Contracts

Before buying office furniture (especially for faculty, staff, TAs, and graduate students), your department should consider ergonomic furniture. UC has ergonomic furniture contracts with Ergonomic Comfort Design, Grand Stands, Herman Miller, Office Master, Sitmatic, Workrite, and Steelcase. If you have questions about these contracts, please contact



UC Contract #

Approved Dealers

Tall Task Stools

Ergonomic Comfort Design (ECD)


Tri County; Tangram; SB Office Interiors

Sitmatic (Anthro International)


Tri County; Modular Systems Specialists

Task Chairs

Office Master


Tri County; EC West; SB Office Interiors

Sitmatic (Anthro International)


Tri County; Modular Systems Specialists

Height Adjustable Tables,

Work Tools

Grand Stands


Tri County; SB Office Interiors

Herman Miller


Tri County; Contact HM rep Sheri Balser

Workrite Ergonomics


Tri County; Tangram; SB Office Interiors




UCIMP - 0261;

UCIMP - 0262



Other Options

The remaining 20% of the UC's furniture spend can purchased with US Communities or E&I contracted suppliers like Knoll or Herman Miller. For a local provider of Herman Miller products, contact Tri County Office Furniture:

We do NOT recommend or endorse purchasing furniture from retailers like IKEA, Staples, Kmart, Costco, etc. The furniture from these retailers are not approved by either the UC Office of the President or Ergonomics/Workers Comp.

Things to think about when buying office furniture: long term durability, desk height adjustability for various body sizes and heights, ergonomic chairs to fit the individual worker, keyboard trays, document holders, and wireless telephone headsets.

Existing Furniture & Installation Site

BEFORE your furniture installation and delivery date, remove all existing furniture and/or materials from the site. Our furniture supplier and their installers are not contracted, responsible for, or paid to move your existing property. Your department must maintain oversight and responsibility for existing UC or personal property. UCSB Furniture Services can assist with any moving needs by calling x2732.

Sustainability Considerations

UCSB's Furniture Services can help reconfigure and redesign existing modular workstations, and keeps an inventory of used furniture for sale at very low prices. Please consider purchasing furniture through UCSB Surplus Sales before buying new.

The UC set a goal of achieving 25% spend on products that meet UC Green Preferred criteria. For furniture, this means purchasing products that are certified GREENGUARD Gold or SCS Indoor Advantage Gold, and are free of the following hazardous chemical classes: flame retardants, formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) used as stain/water/oil resistant treatments, antimicrobials, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and heavy metals. View more information about the UC furniture criteria.