Maintenance orders need to be processed through Facilities Management WebTMA system*: Maintenance services are the ongoing upkeep of buildings, equipment, roads, grounds, and utilities required to keep a Facility in a condition adequate to support the University's academic, scientific, and public service functions. It consists of the preservation, but not the improvement of buildings and grounds. Maintenance is generally on a routine or recurring basis, and may be to bring equipment back to a fully functional state. However, if a replacement is needed for the purpose of upgrading a system, it is not considered maintenance.

Construction is the act, art, or business of moving, demolishing, installing, or building a structure, facility, or system according to a plan or by a definite process. Construction consists of the application of any of these techniques to physical plant facilities such as structures, utilities, excavations, landscaping, site improvements, drainage systems and roads, and additions, deletions, or modifications of such facilities. Exterior and interior painting of new structures is a form of construction. Painting, while seemingly maintenance, is generally deemed construction.


View a Maintenance vs Construction Decision matrix: If you're unsure about going through FM or DCS
Campus Design & Facilities Contracting Services FAQ's:

*Note: If Facilities staff cannot provide the maintenance services, or do not have a JOC on file, Facilities can process an order through Gateway for the maintenance services.