Costco can be a great resource for many departments. Purchase Orders are accepted at the local store for goods (Memberships are not paid with a Purchase Order; see below for details) with the following procedures:

  • Costco will require your department have a Business Membership; please visit the Membership Counter prior to shopping
  • UCSB has a signed Master Contract with Costco, where any dept on the attached Department List can purchase off the Agreement.
  • UCSB limits the membership to the Business card priced at $60. Executive Memberships are NOT allowed.
  • Memberships are restricted to up to 6 cards per account ($60 per group of 2 cards).
  • Once you have the full membership, you may execute Walk-In PO's in Gateway.
  • Simply take your printed out Walk-In PO to the Membership counter, and walk away with your product(s). Costco will provide you with an Invoice.

To pay invoices, please write your Gateway Walk-In PO # on the invoice, and send the product invoices to

Membership invoices ($60) cannot be paid on a purchase order, but should be processed on a  Payment Request for Memberships directly to Accounts Payable. Please contact Accounts Payable for membership questions.