The UCSB campus currently has bus contracts with the following suppliers:

  • Bus services (21+ passengers):
    Santa Barbara Airbus (805) 964-7759
  • Shuttle Services (9-20 passengers):
    Santa Barbara Airbus (805) 964-7759
  • Private Car Services (1-8 passengers)
    Rockstar Transportation 805.882.9191

Charters for buses which will be used only by UC employees, students, invitees, etc., should be processed on a purchase order in Gateway. Buses used for public transportation (i.e. the general public also will be riding) can be paid through Travel/Entertainment.

Prior to submitting a purchase order for bus charters, please contact Patrick Anglin at x5740 (or to verify the insurance is acceptable per the number of passengers, and that the bus company has a satisfactory safety rating. View standard bus transportation insurance requirements.