Invalid Account Number

The line of numbers and special symbols at the bottom of one of your personal checks contains the information you need to make your electronic check payment (E-Check).

  • Your account number usually appears to the right of the routing-transit number.
  • It can be up to 17 positions in length and contains only digits.
  • If the account number printed on your check contains spaces, you don't need to enter the spaces.
  • Note: Some banks display the check number to the left of the account number. Be sure you don't include the check number as part of the account number.

check illustration

We recommend that you attempt to re-submit your E-Check Payment after reading the instructions referred to above. You may also want to consider contacting your bank to confirm that you have input a valid checking account number.

Bank of America Customers
The account number printed on the bottom of your check may contain an unrecognizable magnetic character between the two series of numbers that make up your checking account number (See Example 3). When you input your Bank of America checking account number, ignore the magnetic character and simply type in both series of numbers without any blanks or hyphens.