The U.S. Bank Travel and Entertainment Card (T&E Card) is a university-liability card issued to UCSB employees who travel or entertain on behalf of the university and should be utilized for all travel and entertainment related expenses (airline tickets, hotel charges, car rental, meals, etc.). The card CAN NOT be used for personal expenses.

Please view the "How to Request a New T/E Card" Knowledgebase article for detailed instructions.

Note that the following documents will be required in order to submit the request:


In general, departments should limit authorization for a T&E Card to faculty, career (non-probationary) staff, and contract staff only. Student employees and limited status employees are not eligible for a Corporate Card unless exceptional approval from Travel Accounting has been obtained.

Cardholders shall not charge other people's travel charges to their card, unless they are a group travel leader.  Cardholders are allowed to charge their department's entertainment to their card (e.g., catering charges for an event).

The goal of the program is to provide a reduction in the need for out-of-pocket expenses for university travelers. This program also streamlines the creation of travel expense reports in Concur as all card expense will show up prepopulated in the Concur system. 
Travelers who have been issued T&E cards are strongly encouraged to use such cards whenever possible to reduce departmental and administrative costs associated with processing cash advances.

The cardholder is solely responsible for the allocation of expense to travel expense reports. It is the cardholder's responsibility to review their expense and allocate them to a travel expense report within twenty-one days after the completion of a trip. 

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User Guide
Online Account Access
UCSB Travel & Entertainment Card Agreement
T&E Card Certification Course (UCSB Learning Center)

Concur Portal

For support, please use our ServiceNow for Payment Services portal


Phone Inquiries

If you wish to inquire about charges you've incurred, telephone Visa customer service:

(800) 344-5696
U.S. Bank Visa 24-hour Customer Service

(800) VISA-911
Visa Assistance Center (Emergencies)

Online Account Access

With this service from U.S. Bank you can:

  • View your account activity daily
  • Run reports in Excel, PDF or HTML
  • Print statements anytime
  • Dispute any transactions on-line, real time

Access is available at The first time there you will have to register your account:

  • The Organization Short Name you will need is "UOFCA"
  • The Account Zip Code must match the 5-digit zip code from your billing statement

When establishing your profile, you may click "Additional Account" to enter more than one card. Additional accounts can also be added later under the My Personal Information/Account Access option on the main menu.

Note: if any of the entered information is not valid and the system returns an error message, you have three attempts to correct the information, but then you will be locked out. Contact U.S. Bank Customer Service at (800) 344-5696 to unlock your account.

U.S. Bank offers online tutorials to help you make the most of your online access. You will need to enter a password when prompted and this is available when you log in to Click on the "Training" link to get the Commercial Cardholder password.

Phone Inquiries

If you wish to inquire about charges you've incurred, telephone Visa customer service:

  • (800) 344-5696      U.S. Bank Visa 24-hour Customer Service
  • (800) VISA-911      Visa Assistance Center (Emergencies)