Travel Coordinator

Each department, or its Administrative Support Center, should designate one or more people as travel coordinator(s). The coordinator(s) should be responsible for disseminating information regarding the travel program to all departmental travelers and travel arrangers, as well as troubleshooting travel related issues on behalf of the department.

Travel Arrangements

Each department will have its own procedures for making travel arrangements. In some cases, arrangements are left to the traveler; in others, department business staff make the arrangements. Check with your department head or supervisor to confirm how your department handles arrangements.

Pre-Authorization of Travel

All official university travel (purpose, dates, estimated cost) must be approved by the department head or a person to whom such authority has been delegated. This approval can be obtained verbally, in writing (e.g., department-created form), or electronically (e.g., e-mail, some departments create a WebTEV and use the Voucher Number to track pre-trip activity).

Department heads shall obtain approval for their own travel from a higher administrative level (i.e., their vice chancellor or dean). In addition, travel funded by extramural funds must be approved by the principal investigator on that contract or grant. Authorization must be obtained prior to undertaking official university travel. Travelers who fail to obtain prior authorization may be liable for the expenses incurred.


Before each trip where a person will leave California, travelers must register for the Business Travel program. If making arrangements through Connexxus, enrollment is automatic. If making travel arrangements outside Connexxus, complete the Business Travel Registration Form.

Reduced cost to the University

Travel shall be planned in a manner that reduces cost to the University. For example, using Connexxus to make airfare, lodging, and car rental reservations automatically gives you access to the University's car rental agreements (insurance included), lodging agreements (corporate rate), and airfare programs (no penalty for canceling refundable flights) which can reduce university cost in time and money. Making reservation outside Connexxus may inadvertently disconnect the traveler from benefits such as automatically included insurance coverage, exposing the traveler and the University to uninsured risks.

What signatures are required when paying a vendor?

Requests submitted only for transactions where the vendor was is directly (e.g., lodging, airfare but not corporate card) do not require the traveler's signature. The request gets approved by the department head or delegate and then by Business & Financial Services.