Using the Card


To activate the card, call US Bank Customer Service (1-800-344-5696). You will be expected to provide your social security number and zip code. The card must be activated before using the first time. Shortly after receiving your card, you will be issued a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for using the ATM machines. To update your personal traveler profile, you may want to inform your travel agent and department travel coordinator of your US Bank card number.


We recommend you charge all your UC Business air fare, shuttle services, rental car, registration fees, lodging and meal expenses to your card. 


Hotel accommodations should be guaranteed using your corporate card. When canceling a hotel reservation, record the cancellation number to avoid no-show charges being billed to your card.


When using the card for a car rental, the entire rental transaction must be paid with your US Bank card. It is important to remember to decline the rental car company’s collision damage waiver option or similar provision offered by the car rental company.


Cash for travel is obtained through member banks and ATMs. To locate the nearest ATM, please call 1-800-THE-PLUS or 1-800-VISA-911. For international travel, please place a collect call to the Visa Assistance Center, at 410-581-9994. Your PIN will be required.

There will be a fee for each cash withdrawal. The fee will be $2.00 or 2.5% of the cash amount, whichever is greater. Your maximum cash withdrawal limit is $200.00 per week. If the $200 limit is not sufficient, please contact Travel Accounting.
Cash obtained from a bank may be subject to the individual bank's surcharge fee. This fee will be reimbursed if proper documentation is submitted with the Travel Expense Voucher.


Use of the US Bank Card is restricted to official business travel and entertainment expenditures; the card can be used for personal expenditures.  Use of the card for personal expenditures will result in the suspension and/or cancellation of card privileges.


It is the cardholder’s responsibility to submit a travel expense report in Concur on a timely basis. Failure to submit a travel expense report in a timely manner may result in the suspension and/or cancellation of card privileges.

Completing the Travel Expense Report


The amount of the cash withdrawal for travel expenses and the cash withdrawal fee needs to be recorded as a Bank/Currency Fee expense type in a Concur Travel Expense Report. Please inform your Travel Coordinator of these amounts. If you do not know the fee amount at the time you are submitting your receipts, your travel coordinator will assist you.


Original receipts are required for all air, rail and shuttle transportation expenses, itemized hotel expenses, registration fees, rental car expenses and all group travel expenses. Charge card receipts are not acceptable documentation of travel expenses.

Refer to the UCSB Travel Policy for daily maximum meal rates. However, if the costs of your meals are less than the maximum allowable, please claim the actual cost.

Please submit your Travel Expense Report as soon as your trip is completed. 

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Online Account Access

Phone Inquiries

If you wish to inquire about charges you've incurred, telephone Visa customer service:

(800) 344-5696
U.S. Bank Visa 24-hour Customer Service

(800) VISA-911
Visa Assistance Center (Emergencies)

Lost or Stolen US Bank T&E Card

Immediately call US Bank Customer Service at 1-800-344-5696. A report will be filed and a new card with a new account number will be issued.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the US Bank Travel and Entertainment Card like other Visa cards?

No, the US Bank Corporate Card is a Corporate Liability card and is paid automatically by the university. This means your Travel and Entertainment Card is to be used for university expenses only. Any use of the Travel and Entertainment Card for personal expense may result in result in the suspension and/or cancellation of card privileges.

Are there credit limits?

All retail as well as travel and entertainment expenses can be charged up to the limit of $3,500. After combined charges reach $3,500, only travel and entertainment can be charged. There is no limit on travel and entertainment charges.

What if I do not recognize a charge?

If you do not recognize a charge, please contact US Bank immediately, and call Annette Gonzales (805-893-7037)