Travel & Entertainment Expense Improvements

We recently launched a project to review and improve the campus’ processes for reimbursing travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses. The overarching goal of the project is simple: to make your T&E experience easier so you can focus on more important work that supports UC Santa Barbara’s mission.

We're pleased to announce several policy clarifications related to our two key priorities:

  1. Trust the integrity and judgment of the traveler by making it easier to submit and receive reimbursements.
  2. Clear up confusion by simplifying policy.

For more information, please review the memo We’ve Heard You – Travel & Entertainment Expense Improvements delivered to the campus on 11/27/23.

All University Travel is governed by University of California – Policy G-28.  It is the policy of the University to comply with IRS regulations regarding the provision and reimbursement of business-related travel, and to conform to the IRS “Accountable Plan” rules.

For your convenience, the following link provides a summary of key travel policy requirements.

Travel Quick Reference Guide (updated 9/2022)


Please visit our Getting Started with Concur Knowledge Base Article. Additional information can be found on our Travel Training webpage.

This form should be used for all direct bill payments to vendors. This form is NOT to be used for cash advances or reimbursements to a traveler for personally funded travel expenses.

Direct Bill Payments (External) Form

Concur utilizes the Delegate feature to allow employees the option to have a colleague prepare documents on their behalf. This permission must be given by employees themselves - they are consenting to having a colleague act as a Delegate on their behalf.

Please see How to Add a Delegate (Knowledge Base Article).