If you have questions pertaining to moves or relocations, contact Annette Gonzales: (805) 893-7037

Employees may be eligible for reimbursement of moving or relocation expenses. Moving expenses may be taxable. After reading the definitions below, be sure to check UC Business and Finance Bulletin G-13 - Policy and Regulations Governing Moving and Relocation for more details when considering whether to pay for moving or relocation expenses.


Moving expenses are authorized expenses incurred by a continuing academic appointee in moving to a different UC campus at the request or direction of the university, or by transfer. These expenses are reasonable costs of moving household goods and personal effects to a new residence. Such expenses also include the cost of travel to the university location for the individual and his/her immediate family.

Removal expenses are authorized expenses incurred by an academic appointee newly hired to the University of California system in moving to the Santa Barbara area.

Additional terms include House Hunting, Sign-on Bonus, and Temporary Living Expenses.

Authority/Routing Authority

The authority to pay faculty’s moving or removal expenses resides with the Dean or the Vice Provost-Academic Personnel. All forms should be forwarded to your Dean’s Office for review. Before authorizing any faculty household or library relocation, review the Moving and Removal policies and contact your Dean’s Office with any questions.


Academic routing:

  • Offices of the Chancellor and Provost (for approval of the moving/relocation coordinator, academic personnel consultant, and vice provost)
  • Accounts Payable – attn: moving/relocation coordinator

Non-academic routing:

  • Offices of the Chancellor and Provost – attn: Moving/Relocation coordinator
  • Associate vice chancellor – Human Resources
  • Offices of the Chancellor and Provost – attn: Moving/Relocation coordinator
  • Accounts Payable - attn: assistant manager

Moving Expenses & Reimbursements:

When you've paid for moving expenses, you can request reimbursement for eligible expenses by submitting a paper Travel Expense Form; the Web Travel system cannot be used. Regarding mileage, you can claim the rate for moves or you can submit gas receipts.