Gateway Training Series

New to Gateway or just need a refresher? These classes are highly recommended for staff working in department procurement roles.

Click the class name below to view the schedule and register for upcoming classes at the UCSB Learning Center.

  • Gateway 101: The Gateway 101 class will provide an introductory overview of the Gateway e-Procurement system. Topics include placing an order, approval routing, invoice status, User Profile management, Supplier search and helpful tips.
  • Gateway Forms: The second class in the Gateway series focuses on the many types of Forms in our e-Procurement Gateway system. Topics include Vendor Blankets, Contracts, Change Orders, Walk-In, Confirming, FlexCard, and others.
  • Gateway Receiving & Reporting: The third class in the Gateway series focuses on the Receiver role and Reporting. We will walk you through how and when to receive, briefly discuss invoices, cover how to search for POs that need receipts, Invoices, and more.
  • Gateway Management Console (GMC) 101This class is for DSA's DPA's* only -- Gateway Management Console (GMC) is the integration point for how departments assign spend authority and approval for their Account Strings in Gateway. The GMC 101 class will provide department administrators information on how to manage accounts and users within their departments, discuss the DPA and DSA roles as well as project codes, and cost centers, and provide tips on bulk uploads. (*Department Security Administrator and Department Purchasing Administrator)


Additional Training Resources