What Training Is Offered to Me?

icon How to Shop and Create an Order (06-02-22)
icon New Document Search (11-9-20)
icon PO Change Request (11-9-20)
icon Gateway Classroom Training Offerings
icon How to Approve via Email
icon How to Shop for UCSB Surplus Chemicals (11-25-19)
icon How to Select a Different Department's Ship-to Address for Your Order (10-17-19)
icon How to Add a One-Time Ship-to Address for Your Order (10-17-19)
icon How to find the Scheduled Payment date and Terms on an Invoice (10-08-19)
icon How to Apply a Discount in the Cart (06-25-19)
icon Adding Trade-in Items to Your Cart (06-25-19)

"How To" Training Videos

video icon How to Add a Discount in a Cart
video icon How to Shop in a Punch-out Catalog
video icon How to Change a Ship-to Address on Campus
icon How to Shop on Amazon Business In Gateway

Gateway Desk Manual

pdf icon July 2015 Gateway Desk Manual

GMC Resources

Gateway Management Console (GMC) Link
icon PeopleSoft Financials GMC Quick Reference
icon GMC Classroom Notes - GMC 101 (rev. 6/15/2021)
icon GMC Desk Manual
icon GMC Default Account String Guide
icon GMC Assign Account Approvers
icon GMC Disable an Account String

Gateway Class Recordings

video icon Gateway 101 Class Part 1
video icon Gateway 101 Class Part 2
video icon Gateway Forms Class
video icon Gateway Receiving & Reporting Class

Gateway Classroom Resources

icon Gateway Requisition Workflow - Roles Guide
icon Gateway Requisition Entire Workflow Resource
icon Gateway and GMC Glossary
icon Gateway 101 Classroom Notes (rev. 9/2/2021)
icon Gateway Forms Classroom Notes (rev. 8/5/21)
icon Gateway Receiving Classroom Notes (rev. 8/26/21)
icon Gateway Vendor Blanket Search/Export Guide (rev. 8/26/21)
icon Gateway Reporting Guide
icon Gateway Tips & Tricks

Accounts Payable Resources

icon AP Desk Manual