The below invoicing methods are the available options *for PURCHASE ORDERS only*.  

Invoices for Construction, Research Subawards, Dining or the UCEN should be sent to your UCSB point of contact.



Supplier can submit invoice or invoice data via CXML or EDI system integration. Best for suppliers that routinely invoice UCSB and have experience integrating their billing software with client systems.

Supplier Invoice Portal*

Supplier will set up account on UCSB Billing Portal and load .csv file or manually load invoice data. Supplier can track approval progress of invoices via the portal. Best for suppliers that routinely invoice UCSB but have limited ability to integrate their billing systems. Portal based invoicing allows suppliers to submit and track the processing of invoices in real time. Quick guide coming soon.


Supplier will submit invoice details and PDF of invoice (if available) via preformatted email template that is provided immediately after the PO is issued. Best for suppliers that periodically invoice UCSB.

Download our Invoice-by-Email Quick Guide

Email Attachment

Supplier will send PDF of invoice via email to UCSB's dedicated invoice email account ( This methodology requires UCSB to export the PDF invoice for OCR processing which may extend the processing time of the invoice by up to a week. While this is an acceptable method of invoicing, we encourage suppliers to use Invoice-by-Email.

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* Fastest methods for invoice submission: Supplier would be creating invoices right in UCSB’s system with full, accurate data to process timely.