•  Documentation Intake
    • New hires must complete Form I-9 within three (3) business days of the hire date.
    • (For E-Verify only) New hires are required to submit a valid Social Security Number (SSN) and photo ID. If the new hire uses a Permanent Resident Card or Employee Authorization Documentation, a copy must be kept on file.
      • If the new hire does not have a SSN when completing Form I-9, but shows acceptable proof of identity and employment eligibility per the Form I-9 rules, it is permissible for the department to wait to run the E-Verify query until the employee has received a SSN.
  •  E-Verify Entry and Verification Response
    • The General User initiates the E-Verify query using the online system, no later than the third business day after hire.
      • The E-Verify system should return an instantaneous result of "Employment Verified."
    • If employment is authorized, the General User will receive an E-Verify response as "Confirmation". The General User will print and retain this record with the Form I-9 and forward to Business and Financial Services (BFS) for retention.
      • BFS is the office of record for I-9 forms and any copies of identification supplied by departments upon hire or re-verification. All other copies must be securely destroyed.
    • If employment authorization cannot be confirmed and the information cannot be verified, the General User will receive one of the following E-Verify responses:
      • "SSA Tentative Non-Confirmation Notice" or "DHS Tentative Non-Confirmed" depending on the category of information that could not be confirmed. This may be a result of typos or misinformation keyed into the system.
      • "Tentative Non-Confirmation Notice" This response is noting that the information entered could not be verified

Upon receiving either of the above notices, the General User will inform the employee that verification will need to be completed by Business & Financial Services. The employee must immediately visit the Business & Financial Services office to complete the check.

  •  Contesting and Non-Contesting of Non-Confirmation Notices

For employees either contesting or non-contesting the Non-Confirmation notices, immediately contact Business & Financial Services for guidance.