Extramural Fund Accounting is responsible for the financial processing of Regents gifts.

When receiving a gift, a UDEV (Gift Acceptance Report) is filled out by the department. The UDEV is reviewed and signed off by Gifts Administration. Once accounting receives the signed UDEV, the cash is released from the holding account and a budget is established for department spending.  If you have requested a new gift fund, accounting will notify you by email of the new fund number.

Here is the new form to use: Regent's Udev
Please Note: You must be in Internet Explorer to be able to view this form.

If you are expecting a wire gift, please complete the Non-Student Incoming Wire & ACH Notification form.

Gift Fund Ranges:

17000-17999 Gifts-UCSB Foundation

40000-41099 Private Gifts-Regents

41100-41999 Gifts-UCSB Foundation

42000-56999 Private Gifts-Regents


Regents gift accounting questions: Shannon Garton 893-4095

UCSB Foundation gift accounting questions: Amanda Turner 893-3100

Gift Administration questions: Dawn Senchuk 893-3808