Project Contribution is resources that contributed to a sponsored project over and above the support provided by the Extramural sponsor of that project. This means that the government does not fully reimburse the performer for all allowable costs associated with the specified effort. There is mandatory project contribution that requires the University to contribute a portion determined by the terms of that project. There is also voluntary project contribution that is the portion of the sponsored project which the University contributes to a project at its own initiative.

Third Party Contribution: The sponsor requires the University, as a condition of the award, to "match" the sponsor's support in some arbitrary portion, a fixed amount, or resources from non-UC sources pledged in partial support of a project.

UC In-Kind: This refers to the University bearing costs associated with the conduct of a sponsored project that the University might otherwise charge to the sponsor agency. When project contribution is mandatory, reporting of project contributions must be documented on a project by project basis. The "Project Contribution Report" is used to document the project contribution costs.

UC Cash: This refers to a specific, measurable contribution by the University toward a project in addition to the project contribution. It is University funds and/or resources specifically set aside for this project; funds that would not normally be available to the principal investigator.