The project contribution report is mailed to the department for mandatory and institutional cost sharing. It is required on an annual basis and at the termination of the award.

The numbers listed below with the accompanying description refer to and explain the numbered boxes on the Project Contribution Report Example.


*Sections 1-13 are completed by Extramural Funds.*

1. Fund Number: The fund number, a five-digit number established for individual contract & grants, is entered in this area.

2. Account Number: The account number of the campus department administering the fund.

3. Agency Name: The name of the agency that awarded the funds to the Principal Investigator.

4. Principal Investigator: The name of the professor who has been awarded the funds.

5. Department: The name of the department administering the award.

6. This box describes the campus recipient of the award. Generally, 'Principal Investigator' is checked in this area.

7. Award Number: This number is assigned by the agency.

8. Reporting Period: This is the current period to report cost share. It is normally a one year period.

9. Project Contribution Period: This is the begin and termination date of the entire award. It can be the length of the reporting period or greater.

10. Funding Agency: The entity that provides funding for a project conducted by the University. May be a government sponsor or a private organization.

11. Total Committed: 

Commitment: This total is the cumulative financial commitment negotiated for the agency and UCSB portion. These totals should be equal to the sum of all the Award Synopsis' received to date for both agency and University cost sharing.

Expenditures - Cumulative to Date: These are the totals for all reporting periods to date. For awards with more than one reporting period, this would accumulate cost sharing expenditures for all project contribution reports submitted.

Difference: This is the total variance of the commitment totals to the actual expenditures to date.

12. Third Party Contribution: The sponsor requires the University, as a condition of the award, to “match” the sponsor’s support in a fixed amount, through resources from non‐UC sources pledged in support of a project.

13. UC In-Kind/UC Cash: The data in this section includes the agency and University financial commitments and expenditures for the award.

*Sections 14-16 are completed by the Department.*

14. Third Party Contribution: List the Agency, Account/Fund, and Amount Reported this Period for non-UC sources pledged in support of a project. Third Party Contribution funds cannot be Federal funds.

15. UC In-Kind/UC Cash:

Salary Contributions: List the name of the person whose salary is cost shared, the account/fund/sub charged, and gross pay for the period. The Cost Contribution is required as a percent of time and the amount is the dollar figure of the gross amount times the percent. Benefits can be specifically identified by person, or the appropriate composite fringe benefit rate entered in box of section 15.

Other Cost Contributions: Report costs other than salaries/wage and benefits. The cost contribution can be reported in percentages or amounts. When reporting percentages, include total amount of the cost to derive amount actually shared.  

16a. Signature Block for required Effort Report creation when reporting employee SALARY in block 15 that is benefitting a Federal (or Federal-Flow-Through) award.  In the example provided, because they are reporting SALARY in box 15 ($7,200 from 8-444012-19900-2) and this Project Contribution Report is for a FEDERAL award (Navy, Fund 22701), Federal regulations require that an effort report must be created for an employee (Don Johnson) that put in effort (10%) on a Federal award (Navy, fund 22701) but was paid from a non-federal fund source (fund 19900). 

If the Project Contribution Report is for a NON-FEDERAL award and does not have Federal Flow-Through funds, then salaries like this example being reported in block 15 do NOT need an Effort Report, and “N/A” would be the appropriate response for the Signature line. 

For more questions and or guidance, please contact UCSB’s Effort Report Coordinator in the Extramural Funds Accounting Office.  It is absolutely imperative that all SALARIES being reported in block 15 that are for a Federal or Federal-Flow-Through award’s Project Contribution Report be reported and adjusted for correctly in the Effort Reporting System.  Failure to do so will put the campus out of compliance and jeopardize current and future award funding for the campus. 

16b. Signature block for PI certifying the period and amounts being reported on the Project Contribution Report.  The PI must sign and date the certification statement.  Also, the preparer’s name and extension are required.

*Sections 17-22 are completed by Extramural Funds.*

17-22. The 'For Accounting Use Only' box (sections 17-22) is completed by Accounting. These are then filed as official documents and used to complete required financial reporting to the awarding agency.