There are four ways to acquire Inventorial Equipment at the University:

  1. Purchase Order

    Purchase Orders are initiated via the UCSB Procurement Gateway. When creating a requisition, provide all required information in the Equipment Management section of the form.

    equipment management form in gateway

    NOTE: An add-on adds a component(s) to an existing asset, upgrading or extending its functionality. It has to be over $5000. Repair or replacement items do NOT count as add-ons.

  2. Equipment Inventory Modification Request

    EIMRs are used to record the acquisition of equipment in these situations:

    1. Fabrications
    2. Equipment Brought to UCSB by a New Faculty Member
    3. Equipment on Loan to UCSB
    4. Recovered Equipment
    5. Found Equipment
  3. Gift Form

    When inventorial equipment is donated to the University, it is almost always recorded on a Gift Form (UDEV 100-8). 
    For more information about Gifts to the University, visit

    NOTE: Occasionally, a “gift” may be recorded on a Purchase Order, as part of a “buy one-get one free” type of situation, as a promotional item, or as an item provided at no cost by the vendor as part of a high value order.  This type of “gift” does not require processing of a UDEV form.

  4. Fabrications

    A Fabrication is “an item of non-expendable, tangible personal property that: (1) has been physically constructed by a University activity; (2) has a total acquisition cost of $5,000 or more; (3) has a normal life expectancy of more than one year; and (4) is expected to be used by the University upon completion. A product resulting from the simple assembly or connecting of various parts does not qualify as a fabrication.”

    NOTE: Consult with Equipment Management if you have any doubts before beginning a fabrication. You must obtain a Fabrication ID Number (not the same as an Asset Number) before you start doing purchases for the fabrication. To get a new Fabrication ID Number, visit

Equipment Management Help Desk

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please use our ServiceNow for Payment Services portal.