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  1. Property Tag

    Property tags are created at the time that the requisition is processed and an asset number is assigned in the Asset Management module of PeopleSoft.  They are sent when the requisition is approved and we have a PO number(The asset is placed into service and assigned a value once full payment has been made.)

    NOTE: If a property tag is lost, damaged, faded or impossible to read, or currently in a difficult to access location (bottom, back of equipment), email a request to am@bfs.ucsb.edu for a replacement tag.

  2. Record Updating

    To update an Asset Information, submit a request using Procurement's ServiceNow catalog.

  3. Tracking Asset Location

    Asset location and custodian changes are tracked in PeopleSoft. An EIMR should be used when:

    1. An asset is loaned to another department (for more than six months)
    2. An asset is loaned to an outside agency (for all but the shortest of loans)
    3. When one department permanently transfers custody of an asset to another
  4. Physical Inventory

    Every two years, as required by University and Federal policy, departments are sent a Physical Inventory to be completed and returned to Equipment Management.

    Three categories of active inventorial equipment need to be physically inventoried and appear on the printed Physical Inventory:

    1. All assets, regardless of title, whose value is ≥ $5,000.
    2. All non-UC title assets, regardless of value.
    3. All firearms, regardless of value. 

Equipment Management Help Desk

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please use our ServiceNow for Payment Services portal.