The following occasions may appear to be entertainment-related expenses, but they do not qualify as entertainment expenses and cannot be claimed as such. There are alternate methods for paying for such expenses, as indicated below:

Picnic Day

Open to the public, event serves a clear University business purpose, but participants will make a financial contribution and/or will purchase food at the event. Payment for Picnic Day expenses would be done following the Entertainment Policy.

Fund-Raising Event

Not an entertainment event. Due to the purpose and participants and no host/guest relationship, entertainment policy does not apply. Payment for expenses would be done following the purchasing policy. For example, tents and bouncy houses require a purchasing agreement.

Career/Job Fair

Job or Recruitment Fair, open to the public, candy or light refreshments are provided as incidental enticements and are deemed necessary as normal business expenses, but not Entertainment Recruitment expenses. Payment for expenses would be done following the purchasing policy. The Purchasing Card may be used or a Direct Charge for reimbursement. However, if a corporate card is used for these expenses, you can still process on A travel Voucher as an Entertainment Business Event report.

Tickets to Cultural or Sporting Events

Tickets to events that are a required part of an instructor's class or part of an authorized outreach or mentoring program would be considered a departmental business expense.