The university's use of funds for entertainment must be compatible with our stewardship responsibility and must have a strong ethical component. We should be able to show that our entertainment expenses are necessary and in the best interest of the public.

Things to consider before claiming an entertainment expense:

  • Avoid situations that would require exceptions to policy (e.g., exceeding the maximum limits)
  • Plan for appropriateness of the venue to meet program goals, not to impress someone (e.g., service award recognition at a local park instead of a banquet hall)
  • Be sensitive to the current budget situation and public perceptions (e.g., does your lunch meeting really require filet mignon and salmon steaks or would chicken or a buffet serve the purpose?)
  • Is it necessary for your staff meeting to be held before work hours or during lunch hours?
  • If you and another campus administrative official are having breakfast at 7am, and it costs each of you $3.50, do you need to be reimbursed? Should you seek reimbursement if the same meeting is held over a lunch break together?

There may not always be one best answer to questions such as those posed above. You may want to consult with a colleague, supervisor, or account manager if there are questions or concerns about the "appropriateness" of an entertainment expense.