Additional Approval and Exceptional Approvals to policy are granted by the Associate Vice Chancellor of Finance or designee.

What is Additional Approval?

Additional approval is granted by the Associate Vice Chancellor of Finance for events that are allowed by policy but require Additional approval. These events include:

  • Entertainment of the spouse, domestic partner, other partner, or family members of the official host or guest
  • Tickets purchased for a guest or guests by a host to a sporting, theatrical, or musical event for the purpose of stewardship.
  • A cash contribution which includes the cost of a meal or registration fee made to a nonprofit organization in connection with an employee’s attendance at a fundraising or community event
  • Employee morale building and employee recognition events

What is Exceptional Approval?

Exceptional approval is also granted by the Associate Vice Chancellor of Finance for expenses not allowed by policy (e.g., exceeding the per-person meal allowance or hosting the extended family of a guest).

Exceptions to policy require a written justification for the request and are necessary if a host has need to exceed policy limits. For example, if the per person maximum allowance is exceeded, a justification is required that fully explains why the higher cost was unavoidable (e.g., Dietary requirement of the guest required a higher cost meal).

Ambiguous or self-descriptive justifications will delay or prevent payment (e.g., “Meal costs exceeded maximum per-person dinner rate”).

Note: Although exceptional expenses may be approved, be sure to consider any funding restrictions. Exceptional entertainment expenses are not allowed on state/general funds.