Comments added to Reports: BFS sees many Expense Reports re-submitted by Travelers without changes or comments.  Travelers should always review all comments, make changes, add comments and re-submit for approval

Mileage Documentation: Mileage reimbursement claims should always be supported by one of the following: CONCUR Mileage Calculator, Copy of Google/Mapquest Mileage Calculator or Transportation Log

Group Meal Documentation: Reports for Group Travel or Entertainment with multiple attendees should include calculations to support per person meal amounts

Exceptional Approval Forms: Care should be taken to select appropriate categories related to the particular exception requested

Wire Payments: If a wire payment is required, please include “WIRE” in the report header record and attach the Wire Payment Request

Personal Time: If a trip includes Personal Time, please include specific dates that have been identified as “personal”

Restricted States: If travel is to a restricted state, please provide confirmation that activity and/or funding source is appropriate/allowable

Alcohol: Documentation should include the calculation to show that alcohol and related tax has been excluded from the meal receipt, when applicable

Guest Travelers: Remember to make sure signed certification is attached when a Report is submitted on behalf of a guest traveler

Supporting Documents/Receipts: When required, receipts should be attached that support the particular expense line; combining multiple receipts in a single pdf makes review and approval difficult for approvers and can delay the processing of reports and reimbursement claims

Business Purpose: Business purpose of trips should be specific and clearly identify the purpose of the trip

Unusual/Atypical Situations: Reports should include line level comments to support unusual circumstances such as: airline itineraries that contain multiple locations or different departure and return locations, meals claimed on travel without lodging, etc.

Purchase Description/Business Purpose: Provide a complete description of item purchased and specific business purpose

Tax on Purchases: Care should be taken in completing the following sections when submitting Business Expense reports:

  • Sales Tax (amount)
  • Non-Taxable (yes/no)
  • Use Tax (amount)