Heather Perry
2019 UC Procurement Starlight Award – EcoVadis Pilot
The ‘EcoVadis Pilot’ project is a first step by the UC to standardize the sustainability evaluation and vetting of suppliers.  This project, lead by UC sustainability leaders, tested the EcoVadis supplier evaluation method to obtain and analyze supplier sustainability information to determine its applicability to UC. The team evaluated current UC suppliers using the EcoVadis process, ways to grow the number of suppliers participating in EcoVadis, and how to integrate the use of EcoVadis rankings and scorecard information in the RFP and contracting process. The EcoVadis program offers an innovative way to access scalable and accurate information on the sustainability attributes of our supplier partners that can be shared across campuses and used with UC suppliers to make specific and measurable improvements to a company’s sustainable practices in alignment with UC sustainability goals.