Our campus has been recognized for the third time as a 2021 EPEAT Purchaser Award winner, celebrating leaders in sustainable electronics procurement. The 2021 EPEAT Purchaser Award comes from the Global Electronics Council (GEC), the non-profit organization that manages the EPEAT ecolabel. EPEAT allows organizations to efficiently address the lifecycle impacts of electronics, such as computers, displays, printers, copiers, network equipment, servers, and televisions.

The UC includes EPEAT in purchasing contracts to require that vendors only provide electronics that meet strict sustainability criteria. EPEAT products are more energy efficient, less toxic, longer lasting, and easier to recycle than products that do not meet EPEAT criteria, while also addressing labor and human rights issues along the entire supply chain. Buying these sustainable products move us closer to achieving our goal of climate neutrality.

Take a moment to review the environmental and cost benefits(link is external) associated with our EPEAT-registered purchases, including energy savings equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 207 US households. We are proud to have received this recognition and are committed to continued procurement of sustainable electronics.