Heather Perry

Presented by the Chancellor's Sustainability Committee, Heather earned this award in recognition for her efforts to develop and improve UC's Sustainable Procurement policy. Heather researched green purchasing criteria for cleaning supplies, copy paper, food service ware, and more to develop standards and guidelines for system wide implementation. She presented the policy and guidelines to the UC Sustainability Steering Committee as well as to the system wide Procurement Leadership Council for approval.


Heather also co-authored a published white paper for the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) Case Study entitled: "University of California - Sustainable Procurement Policy Updates, Quantitative Metrics, Governance Structures and Approval." The SPLC is a nationwide council of sustainable procurement leaders from the private sector, higher ed, and government representing $300B+ in collective spend. UCSB led the system as the first campus to join this group in 2014. Today all ten campuses participate. 

She was highlighted in a special edition of the UCOP Procurement Services Newsletter for her article entitled: "UCOP e-Procurement Tools to Identify Sustainable Products and Suppliers"

Heather has also submitted multiple applications to the Green Electronics Council (GEC) on behalf of UCSB in consideration for an EPEAT (Energy Star/Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Purchaser Award. The GEC has awarded UCSB with three EPEAT Awards, in 2018, 2020, and 2021.

Heather Perry