To request an escalation to transfer to a Federal or Federal Flow-Through award after the 120 day (4 ledger cycle) period has passed, the originating department must complete the follow 3 steps:

  1. The originating department preparing the Escalation Memo form is responsible to have it signed by the form Preparer, Principal Investigator, and Department Head/Chair (must go through approval process indicated in Sequential Order Section).  Download the Escalation Memo
  2. For Non-payroll transfers the originating department completes the UFIN form. Download the UFIN form. The TOE system will not process any transfer past 120 days, so any non-payroll cost transfer must be done on a UFIN. For Payroll transfers, the department completes a Direct Retro/Salary Cost Transfer in the UCPath system.  Those deemed High Risk because they are transferring to a Federal or Federal-Flow-Through and are past the 120 Day (4 Ledger Cycle) deadline will also need to complete an Escalation Memo. The Escalation Memo can be attached to the document upload section of the Direct Retro or can be emailed to the EMF Manager directly. Please make sure to reference the Direct Retro number(s) on the Escalation Memo as well as a very detailed explanation and attach all relevant backup to the Escalation Memo.  
    1. The originating department preparing the Escalation Form is responsible for obtaining additional signatures if multiple departments are involved in the cost transfer. The department receiving the charge is required to obtain the following signatures: the Principal Investigator, department/chair, or other academic official.
    2. The questions answered on the Direct Retro and/or UFIN must be a detailed justification for the expense transfer. It must answer ALL of the questions to be accepted for consideration.
  3. Supporting Documentation is required and is to be attached to the form.