All miscellaneous purchases of goods and services should be initiated and paid through Gateway or FlexCard. Purchases made outside these channels (i.e., purchases made by employees directly) are generally considered unauthorized and should be strongly discouraged.

It is the policy of the University to comply with IRS regulations regarding the provision and reimbursement of miscellaneous business expenditures, and to conform to the IRS “Accountable Plan” rules.

Concur Travel & Expense Management

The Concur Travel and Expense Management Application is the campus standard for expense reimbursement processing, and should be used for all reimbursements.

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Travel Reimbursements

Please visit the Travel & Entertainment section of the website for reimbursements related to travel.


Quick Reference Guide

For your convenience, the following link provides a summary of key requirements to claim reimbursement for miscellaneous business expenditures.

Miscellaneous Reimbursement Quick Reference Guide



For support, please use our ServiceNow for Payment Services portal


Petty Cash Funds

A petty cash fund can be established by a department when there is a continuing demonstrated need to maintain cash on hand to permit the reimbursement of allowable low-value expenses goods and services used for official University business which cannot be purchased through established procurement procedures.

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