To reimburse the fund, the department submits a Miscellaneous Direct Payment Request accompanied by all receipts to Business & Financial Services at

  • The form is to be made payable to the Custodian.
  • All receipts are to be mounted on paper, with each page labeled “Page X of Y” (for example, Page 1 of 4).
  • The total of all receipts per page is to be indicated on each page.
  • The form must be approved by a person with signature authority who is neither the Petty Cash Custodian, nor an employee who reports to the Fund Custodian.
  • Send the printed/scanned or DocuSigned package of the request form and receipts to
  • Accounts Payable will issue a check or direct deposit for the amount of the reimbursement, which will then be used to replenish the fund. Checks can be cashed by appointment at the Cashier's Office, if desired. Contact the Cashier's Office