Nonresident Alien Payments

The University is required by Federal law to document and report all payments made to Nonresident Aliens. The documentation process includes the collection of information regarding a payee's foreign status. Beginning in 2008, the University is using GLACIER, a secured web-based Non Resident Alien tax compliance system that foreign visitors can use to document their immigration and tax data. See Non-Resident Alien Information for more information about GLACIER.

Glacier Nomination Form ยป

Glacier Forms and Document Copies

Review your Tax Summary Report in the Glacier system:

  • Please make sure all personal information is entered and spelled correctly in Glacier.
  • Check "Required Forms" and "Required Document Copies" to see the exact paperwork you need to submit.
  • Please make sure to sign/date the form.
  • Make sure to keep your Glacier record current.
  • Upload Glacier forms or documents via Google Drive and share them with Lynn Tran (