Data Control supports campus departments and General Accounting by uploading appropriate journals to be posted to the General Ledger. Data Control can also support departments with audit requests, tracking down supporting documentation for specific journals, and other similar journal related inquiries. 

Recharge Journals

Only specific departments on campus have been approved by General Accounting to complete recharge journals. These journals can be completed using the electronic financial journal template. Depending on your department, you either need to send these journals to Data Control for processing or upload them to PeopleSoft directly. 

To confirm if your department has existing journal recharge permissions or to request permission, contact Data Control at

Submitting Journals to Data Control

Below are the steps you should follow to send your journal to Data Control:

  1. Contact Data Control at to confirm your department is approved to send recharge journals. 
  2. Submit your Excel copy of your electronic financial journal along with a signed PDF copy of the journal to If you need to send supporting documentation, make sure it is all included in one PDF.
  3. In the subject of the email, indicate your department code, the number of journals you are transmitting, and the month/period for which you are submitting them. For example, "CNSI, 5 journals for April/Period 10."
  4. If you are sending multiple journals, in the body of the email list out each journal's file name you are sending and the dollar amount of the journal. For example:
    1. Filename#1   $110.00
    2. Filename#2    $58.36
    3. Filename#3   $1,393.54
    4. Filename#4    $8.01
    5. Filename#5   $67.25

Keep in mind that when you are sending journals to Data Control you need to adhere to the following schedule, which is different from the schedule put forth by General Accounting due to the extra processing steps: 

  • Electronic Financial Journals (Type Entry 53) are due by 4:00 PM on the first business day of every month
  • Credit Card Deposits and Fee Journals (Type Entry 31) are due by 4:00 PM on the second business day of every month 

Uploading Recharge Journals to PeopleSoft

Only specific departments have been onboarded to upload their Recharge Journals directly to PeopleSoft. If you are not sure if your department has been granted access, contact If your department has been onboarded, you can follow the Journal Workflow User Guide for detailed instructions regarding how to submit and approve your journal.
Keep in mind that when uploading recharge journals to PeopleSoft directly you need to adhere to the monthly schedule, which is different from departments that send their journals to Data Control.