1. Checks must be drawn on a US bank in US dollars. Foreign checks should have a New York bank and US dollars must be pre-printed on the check. For alternative procedures for handling checks drawn on foreign banks call the Cashiers Office at X2177.
  2. Upon receipt, checks must be endorsed with a "U.C. Regents" stamp to safeguard assets. The stamp should also include the name of your department. For detailed information about ordering endorsement stamps from Stampco please refer to this linked example. If you have questions regarding ordering a stamp for your department, please contact the Cashiers Office X2177.
  3. If the department does not have equipment to electronically record a cash transaction, it must be recorded on an Official University Cash Receipt form. The form is available from the UCSB Bookstore via Gateway. Open the Bookstore catalog and search for form number 71485-204. The yellow copy is to be delivered to the Cashiers Office with the deposit. The yellow copy will then be forwarded to the Accounting Office for review. Please refer to Policy Requirements in the BUS-49 guidelines by clicking here.
  4. Funds collected at campus departments must be deposited to the Cashiers Office on a weekly basis. Fund balances in excess of $500 must be deposited to the Cashiers Office within 24 hours of receipt. No campus department should hold checks and all outstanding funds must be deposited by fiscal year end.
  5. A report of cash collections signed by the preparer along with phone extension must accompany each deposit to a Major Cashiering Station. For departments other than Sub-Cashiering Stations a Deposit & Recording Advice (DARA) should be used and can be obtained by placing an order through Gateway and selecting the UCSB Bookstore button. Enter number 71485-177 in the search box and the item will be displayed. Be sure to put the department four-letter Owner Code on every deposit. The Owner Code is located at the bottom right corner of the department's GLO-60. Please bring the entire form for processing. The original will be returned to the department along with the receipt of deposit.