By Staff Writer - April 6, 2021


On 4/6/21 we discussed updates to the Object Code Realignment Project.

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UCSB's object codes have been realigned with UCOP's new expense accounts. The goals of this campus wide collaboration were several: (1) to revise the object code listing by realigning it with the UC Office of the President's new financial statement reporting model, (2) eliminate “User Defined” object codes, while (3) keeping it both simple and organized. Some object codes have been redefined for campus use, some inactivated, and some are pending inactivation in a few months. There are also a few new object codes.

As background,

  • UCOP just adopted a new Common Chart of Accounts (CCOA) on July 1, 2020
  • All campus expenses are rolled up to UCOP by object code (OC) for us
  • The OC listing shows how UCSB’s expenses roll up to UCOP’s new expenditure accounts