To: Campus Community
Fr: Olga Mery, General Accounting Manager, Business & Financial Services
Re: New Travel Expense Object Codes
General Accounting is realigning UCSB's object codes with UC Office of the President's new financial statement reporting model. All expenditures for financial statement reporting are classified by object codes at UCSB. To accomplish this goal of improving our financial statement reporting with UCOP, we need to either define or inactivate user defined object codes. We are beginning to do this now.
For the TRAVEL object codes, please see below for the updated related object codes changes. Please begin using these new travel expense object codes as soon as reasonably possible. These changes will take effect in PeopleSoft after the November General Ledger close.
Please note that object codes 2016 for Travel – Participant Support Recharge Debit, 2300 for University Garage Charges, and 2700 Removal & Moving Expense are still active and are not being affected, however they will be recategorized more appropriately into the future recharge section (for object codes 2016 and 2300) and employee benefits section (object code 2700). Thank you.


Olga Mery CPA, CGMA

Business & Financial Services, General Accounting Manager


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