The first step is check to make sure there are no outstanding payments. To do this go to “Document Search” and select Purchase Order. In the section labeled “Custom Fields” enter the LAF you are a looking to disable. Click go. Gateway will return search results for all PO's issued on that account string. Under “Settlement Status” you want to see “Fully Received, Fully Invoiced, Fully Matched”.

If all of the Purchase Orders have been fully invoiced (and all of the invoices have been processed and completed); you will take the following steps:

In the Gateway Management Console (GMC) go to “Accounts” and “Manage Account Strings”. Search for the LAF that you would like to disable. Once you locate it, under the “actions” tab click “Disable”. This will remove the LAF from Gateway.

If your Purchase Order still has “pending invoices” or purchase orders that that have not been invoiced, then you will need to take the following steps:

In the GMC you will access the “Assignments” tab and “Manage Assignments”. Search for the “LAF” for the expired award. In the actions tab click “Unassign” next to all Account Approvers assigned to approve on the LAF. This will keep your LAF active in Gateway to process all of the pending invoices authorized on the PO, but it will disable the LAF from being used on shopping carts and purchase requisitions so that additional orders are not placed on expired awards. Once all invoices have processed against the expired award, then you can follow the steps above to disable the LAF to remove it completely from Gateway.

Please note: The LAF will still show as an option to select in Gateway until the account is completely disabled in the GMC, but the "auto return 2 step" will automatically kick it back to the requester/shopper if they attempt to use the LAF that has expired. The LAF needs to stay in Gateway to finish processing payments, but this workflow step is in place to ensure that orders are not placed on the expired LAF.