If you are having problems accessing the McMaster-Carr Punchout follow the instructions below for deleting the cookie. If you have logged into McMaster Carr's website in the past for purchasing online, you'll need to clear the "cookie" before the Punchout will work:

  1. Log out of Gateway and/or McMaster.
  2. Visit http://www.mcmaster.com/support/removecookie.asp
  3. Verify you see the message that "Your cookie has been cleared"
  4. Log into Gateway, and enter the McMaster Punchout.

If you visit www.mcmaster.com (outside of the Gateway Punchout) again, repeat the steps.

If you are having problems displaying content on the McMaster-Carr punchout. Follow the instructions below.

For those of you who use Firefox as your internet browser please note that the recent update (Firefox Version 23) caused a security feature to block mixed content on web pages (mixed content is a combination secure and non-secure content). We contacted McMaster who recommended our users take the following actions to display their site correctly:

  • When the site does not load and a shield is displayed to the left of the Navigation bar at the top. Load the page by clicking on the shield and selecting the option to "Disable Protection on this Page". (Please note you will have to do this each time you access the punch-out).