SHI MCCA renewals require a Purchase Order number and a entry component direct on their webiste. However, submission of a purchase order direct to SHI can cause a duplication of your order, which you will be responsible for the cost. We have created a workaround in order to obtain a purchase order in the system without sending the PO to the supplier. Please follow the instructions below.  

  1. Login to Gateway using your UCSB Net ID
  2. Select the "non-catalog" item feature from the Home/Shop page
  3. Select "SHI MCCA" as the supplier (not just SHI!). SHI MCCA is important as that supplier is set to "manual" distribution where your purchase order will not transmit to the supplier when workflow is complete.
  4. Enter individual line items for the software you are renewing
  5. Once the Purchase Order is approved, it will not distribute to the supplier, but will still complete and give you a "GW" number to use to renew through the SHI website
  6. Use the "GW" purchase order number to renew via the SHI website as instructed
  7. Print out a copy of the purchase order for your records if needed