A valid UCSB parking permit is required at all times. Visit http://www.tps.ucsb.edu/ to view your options for purchasing a short-term or long-term visitor parking permit. View the campus Interactive Map to get help locating campus buildings and nearby parking sites.

If a visitor chooses to park on campus without obtaining a permit, this is considered a violation of the California Vehicle Code, Section 21113 (a), which confers upon the University of California authority to regulate parking on its campus.

The Citation Appeal process is explained on the back of each citation. Additional information regarding the Citation Appeal process can be found on the Parking Services Web site at http://www.tps.ucsb.edu/citations/responding-citation

Unpaid citations accrue a $48 late penalty, and the citation is sent to the California Department of Motor Vehicles and placed as a lien against the vehicle registration renewal. Citations issued to out-of-state vehicles or rental vehicles may be referred to outside agencies for collection. Vehicles with multiple outstanding citations may be immobilized or impounded at the vehicle owner's expense. The vehicle will not be released until all outstanding citations are paid in full in addition to a $60 immobilization administrative fee.